In Search of Shangri-La

An evening in France

In Search of Shangri-La

Well, maybe not Shangri-La, but France is pretty close…

France, 22 miles from the coastline near Dover and such a different culture and way of life, but, with similar values and morals.  The country is huge, from Calais in the north to Nice in the south, and to Chamonix in the alps, all very different and nice, mostly.  But one thing is for sure, France has something to offer everyone.

What we offer are services for helping you find a rental property to obtaining French bank and utility accounts, ensuring that you are registered with and comply with all relevant authorities, the translation of documents, and helping you negotiate the intricate process of becoming self-employed.

All support is provided on an individual basis by the team of highly knowledgeable and experienced bilingual professionals. Not only will they get to know you and your needs, but they’ll discuss and implement fully any responses and follow up with a ‘wrap around’ service of continued support!

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